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500-0 is locked up steel gear,
 these dist are also used in crate engines
900 HP rating
500-5 crate
 Chevy  602/604 Crate dist. for spec rules.
need adv.and
vac. pot
900 HP rating
Ford 351W
900 HP rating
 Chrysler 360
900 HP rating

MAGSARUS High Performance Racing H.E.I. Distributors
are redesigned for racing. Our distributors are the strongest and highest R.P.M. H.E.I. DISTRIBUTORS in the country, with the least amount of input voltage. With a low 11.8 Volts input to the distributor, our distributor will turn up 9000 RPMS with 50,000 Volts output available to the spark plugs, with A recommended .030Ēto .040" spark plug gap our distributors will handle any 900 H.P. ENG..14 or16volt dc to dc voltage converter our distributor will produce a strong fire with a load as high as10500 RPMTest have shown that our RACING H.E,I. is + or - 2 H.P. on a back to back test against a M.S.D.6 AL ignition. Every piece of the distributor is subject to change and modification to out perform and outlast the competition. Unlike some performance distributors that are 0.E.M. with no modifications with high performance sticker on top,  Magsarus hei dist 500-0 features include: rotor indexed and evenly spaced to the cap, our (drive spindle) is modified for in housing oil control. the top plate is tig welded to the main shaft to prevent breakage, Custom pick up coil, high output /high rpm main coil, high endurance module, custom wire harness, rotating trigger modification, very tight gear end play, slip collar if needed,     Magsarus also provides a custom curves for street hot rods which use a Longer curve 500-10.  our hei distributor with a short mechanical advance curve is part # 500-5 .  Engines in circle track racing where the rpms rapidly go up and down we strongly suggest getting the dist. LOCKED UP  for quicker acceleration.  PART #  500-0 OR THE 501-0 .   Magsarus dyno test every H.E.I.    WE OVERHAUL / MODIFY A LOT OF 602 CRATE DISTRIBUTORS FOR RACING LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC RULES WE CAN GIVE YOU THE BEST H.E.I. IN THE WORLD.  NO OIL MESS,  QUICKER ACCELERATION OFF THE CORNER, MAGSARUS H.E.I. WILL NEVER LAY DOWN ON THE TOP END. Some of my professional engine builders claim about 7 to 9 H.P. gain with our distributor and wires. This dist. when done will handle a 900 HP ENGINE.
Donít be fooled by companies claiming more power than magnetos, and claiming to make a custom advance for your cam and motor combination its total B.S
. //////MAGSARUS only addresses the problems and weaknesses. WE HAVE TESTED OUR DISTRIBUTORS TO OVER 10,500 RPMS. we supply many engine shops with our distributors all over north America. ///////MAGSARUS IS ALL ABOUT QUALITY OVER QUANITY.    DYNO TESTED --- RACER APPROVED

 ////////MAGSARUS at (518) 452-0430