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Part# 602x-0-22
 OXC Chevy with Earth Magnet or std. magnet for easy starting with an advance curve for hi compression engs. with starters.
Mag is Tested to 9000 Rpms

Part# 602x-0-28  Hi amperage Earth Magnet
 OXC Chevy , W/Coil and wire set this mag is good up to
2800 H.P. 360/410sprint.super mods ,drags, truck& tractor pulling, monster trucks, off shore boats.  why pay 2000.00 + for a msd mag that will dyno the same or better with our hi amp hi voltage vertex
Mag isTested to 9000 Rpms

Note all  Earth Magnet Mags have to be Locked.
magsarus can convert internal to external coil mags.

we can install rare earth magnets in your vertex mag.

we can fix any vertex mag in any condition any age.

we can install slip collars on the mag bases.

we will put brass or iron melonized gears as requested.

all plug wires are copper core and made up and installed to your lengths or ours.

Part # 102X-0-22

Earth Magnet Mag, or if you need an advance system for starting the engine, we can install a standard vertex magnet. brass or melonized steel gear + wires.this mag is good up to  1800 H.P. dirt mods, late model 305/360/410sprint cars, sportsman asphalt mods This is our most popular 305
/ 360 sprint mag 102x-0-22.

Mag is Tested to 9000


Part# 102X-0-28  Earth   Magnet  
locked, brass gear, wires.

 this Mag is good up to 2000 H.P.. 360/410 sprint, super mods, drag racing, tractor pulling, boat racing. This mag will fit with  8-71 blowers. Complete mag is 6lbs,  and will dyno the same or 3 H.P.better and start way better than a MSD.
Mag is Tested to 9000




Magsarus Ignitions has supplied major engine builders with new and repaired vertex magnetos throughout north America and many other countries for 35 years. many victories in all forms of motor-sports. Our services include a complete pre test tear down and clean and inspection of all the parts. We polish the outer housing, recharge the rotating magnet, recondition point contacts, replace any worn drive components inspect all the bronze bushings, adjust point spring tension. On assembly all the clearances are checked and greased. The mag is internally timed and dwelled for maximum performance and longevity. when we have finished assembly of the mag we will run the mag up to 9000 rpms and make sure the mag is ok thru out the entire rpm range. We also can convert your internal coil mag to the higher voltage external coil mag with two different mag cap selections with 8 mm silicon copper core wires. We have a multiple supply of replacement parts for internal and external coil mags in stock. We are equipped to repair any Vertex Magneto and turn it around within 3 to 4 working day. All new Magnetos are assembled in house to avoid any factory assembly errors. Dyno tests have proven that the Magsarus Vertex Magneto will make the same power as the latest new trick ignition........

Hi Amperage Rare Earth Magnet is available for 8 cyl. internal and external coil Vertex Magnetos that will increase the primary and secondary current 50% to 90%. These mags are excellent for any gas or methanol engines, naturally aspirated or blown.  FOR SPRINT CARS, DRAG CARS, TRACTOR PULLING, BOAT RACING, ECT.the rare earth mags will perform perfectly in engines from 300 H.P. TO 3000 H.P.. This Rare Earth mag will perform as good or better than the M.S.D. electronic mags at any R.P.M..  Our mags will fire off at 10 rpms to 10,000 +rpms. there is engine shop in Ohio that dynoed our #102x-0-28 mag against a m.s.d. mag on a 1500 hp blown big block methanol engine and found that our 102x-0-28 mag started the engine instantly better than the MSD magneto and made an average of 3 more h.p. and quicker acceleration from 4000 rpms to 8000 rpms. The same results were found with 410 and 360 sprint engines. My mags also showed that it would handle more main fuel than the msd mag these mags are extremely smooth at all rpms dead on timing marks. Our best seller is the 102x-0-22 mag if you want more secondary amperage go to the 102 x-0-28 , for drag cars we have a 102x -0-34 mag . These mags are internal coil one wire to ground the mag out , there isn't any electronics to fail. vertex mags use copper core zero resistance spark plug wires, msd mag has to use resistance wires. we can add slip collars if needed.  My mags are the best High Performance , simplest , self contained magneto on the market. if you don't need all the bells and whistles give me a call.

 Our standard version external coil Magneto was tested at an independent dyno shop and proved that my Magsarus Vertex Magneto made 4 more H.P. than the M.S.D. 6al on a 640 H.P. 358 cu. engine.  If you are using a starter our Vertex Mag will start the engine quick. Our Vertex Mag has excellent low speed voltage for starting and produces high output power over 10,000 rpms. The internal coil Vertex mag is lighter than all the other mags out there, it only weighs 6.3 lbs. That is complete ignition no extra coils or boxes. The Vertex mag uses copper core wires for 100% maximum transfer of electrical energy to the spark plugs, there is no loss from the mag to the spark plug. M.S.D. mags use suppression spark plug wires so it doesn't interfere with the operation of the M.S.D. box.  Only one wire to the mag , There is NO wire harness. All of the new and reworked Vertex mags have a 60 day warranty. We can take an old Vertex and make it perform like new. MAGSARUS WILL GIVE YOU PERFORMANCE AND RELIABLITY ,          DYNO TESTED --- RACER APPROVED